Integrating the past
Bringing awareness to the present
Re-authoring the future

We unpack and understand trauma, so people can make choices that feel more aligned with their values and who they want to be. We work to reintegrate one’s past into their current lives so they can make sense of what happened and who they are today. We recognize the impact of fear, shame, and guilt, and help people to understand these influencers on their perspectives when making decisions.



We offer individual therapy to adults (18+) who are interested in exploring the complexities of their past in order to understand who they are today. This work is connected to understanding the relationships around us, grief, and the way in which we see ourselves. We will also explore behaviours that may be getting in the way of leading the life you want, for example substance use, self harm, suicidal ideation/behaviours and harmful relationship patterns. We welcome people from various social locations, including from the queer/trans community, while using ARAO and AOP frameworks. We offer several modalities in addition to in-person counselling, including email, chat, and videoconferencing.


I have been offering clinical supervision in the community for several years, working with therapists as they recognize what is getting in the way of them being effective during their sessions. Supporting others forces us to hold a constant mirror up to ourselves, and it’s important to give ourselves the space to process and understand what’s coming up for us so we can improve our clinical work and our wellness.

About Us

Head shot Lou Gallo

Lou Gallo, MSW, RSW
(pronouns: they/them. she/her)

I am a trans-identified clinical social worker who has been in the mental health field for over 20 years. I have worked in school settings, in the community with 2SLGBTQI youth, and within clinical mental health settings. I have a specialization working with young adults, adults and couples who have experienced trauma, including those who have experiences related to suicidality. I also have experience supporting people who struggle with Learning Disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD. Using mindfulness, DBT and system based theories within an ARAO framework, I support people in making choices that have a positive impact on their lives. Recently I have completed my training and certification in Family Mediation, and I am completing my membership for the OAFM.

In Memory

Gini Bechard Photo

Gini Bechard (1977-2023)
co-founder of Toronto Trauma Therapy, tragically passed away July 28, 2023.
(pronouns: she/her)

She leaves behind a loving family, including her children. Gini was a compassionate, present, and skillful therapist, mother, partner, friend, and leader. She always had a kind word, potential solution, or simply a warm presence, depending on what one needed. Gini wasn’t just a dreamer, she followed through on her visions, from a successful eco-friendly baby store to a trauma therapy collective.
After years of working in both private and not for profit organizations, Gini saw trauma’s roots in many of the challenges people experience in life and the inadequate systemic response to this reality. In 2020, she founded Toronto Trauma Therapy, a collective dedicated to trauma responsive care. Over the years, Gini supported countless clients as a therapist and clinicians as a supervisor. She had a unique talent for seeing people’s gifts and encouraging them to make use of them, and inspiring other therapists to specialize in trauma.
Toronto Trauma Therapy is a space where so many can find something beyond healing and care and it was a dream that Gini brought into reality. Through Toronto Trauma Therapy, Gini was able to use her talent to create a space where true change can happen through learning, growth and support. In 2023, Gini passed from complications from an autoimmune condition. The space Gini held for so many will be forever cherished and we are grateful that her vision and legacy will continue to live on through Toronto Trauma Therapy. You will be missed Gini!

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